Meet the CAMP delegates 2015!

Westpac Digital Disruption Thinktank

Annie Shu

A multi-talented rising star and young bi-cultural woman leader from the finance industry.

Brad Lorge

A passionate South-African born Australian looking for better ways to share food across the world and eradicate hunger.

Effy Wang

A business consultant and digital business expert passionate about exploring the possibility for new ideas and lifestyle - ‘finds the gay community adorable'.

Jieyu Jiang

A designer and design-thinker exploring multi-stakeholder approaches and technological solutions to improve women’s security in public spaces.

Kanchana Thilakarathna

A mobile systems researcher building new models to prepare for ‘the internet of everything’ and safeguarding social media privacy.

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Marion Baillat

French-Australian creative producer, looking to develop a start-up mixing holographics and robotics - runs a China-tech blog.

Nicholas Flood

An ambitious Australian tech-marketing management professional, advocating the role of tech in business development.

Susan Zhang

Tech-language expert looking to empower women in technology.

Yilun Shang

An enthusiastic web developer and data analyst creating a new app that supports increased transparency for non-profit and crowd-funding giving.

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Zi Ai

Qin 秦 Tong 桐

A crowd-funding enthusiast looking to support amazing projects across Australia and China.

Westpac Global Talent Thinkthank

Swisse Health & Wellness Thinktank

Jacob Taylor

An anthropology scholar looking for the conception of well-being in China at Oxford.

Jiaxin Liang

A psychologist building greater awareness of depression in China, especially in rural areas, and delivering psychology courses online.

Luxi Meng

A medical science researcher building networks of medical practitioners in China to better fight against vascular disease.

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Merry Zhao

A project finance lawyer supporting infrastructure development and championing better visibility of alternative therapies and lifestyle based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Nicole Gibson

A mental health entrepreneur championing well-being among young people and building community and connection across Australia.

Rowan Miller

An innovative doctor developing predictive models to detect the risks of mental health relapse - and exploring the future of health tourism.

Yuchen Wu

A socially minded journalist making  documentary films on social issues to build internal awareness in China.

Shupei Chen

An Austrade business development manager specialising in the health and senior living sector.

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Tianzi Zhao

A health conscious corporate accountant building work-life balance into the works of major companies.

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Finsia China-Australia Free Trade Agreement Thinktank

Dan Hu

A legal expert and lecturer in Australian studies researching patterns of two-way investment between Australia and China bridging the knowledge gaps between both countries.

Fucheng Zheng

Software team leader, tech-developer, highly involved in the software development scene in Guanghzou.

Jyana Mareko

An approachable finance project manager heading to Shanghai to run the FTZ office - reseraching and developing better processes and systems to service international clients and partners.

Kuma Wang

An IT entrepreneur and tech-news editor building new platforms to bring Australia and China together.

Nerida Buckley

An environmentalist and natural resource management expert spanning sectors and vision to support more sustainable communities and resilient use of land and resources in regional areas.

Ruby Jiang

A Chinese-Australian insurance expert looking to develop new models for industry professionals to service the non-profit sector.

Thomas Tang

A high-achieving ex-international student now spanning across investment advice and community banking, aspiring to community leadership among Chinese migrants.

Martin Foo

Yicen Wang

Communications advisor with Australian embassy in Beijing.

Chris Hambarsoomian

An Armenian-Australian events entrepreneur, master of ceremonies, looking to bridge the cultural gap through entertainment.

AMP Innovation for the New Retirement Thinktank

Flora Lan

An ambitious marketing and communication expert developing better messaging to promote a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

Jade Tian

An environmentally conscious commercial banker servicing affluent Chinese clients with their business needs.

James Kanaris

A socially-minded banker exploring new private-public partnership models to support families in difficulty, and new retirement products.

Jian Li

A third-tier city ‘town-boy’ doctor turned social innovator, and looking for international partnerships and learning to lead social change.

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Lu Li

A ‘teenage leader and young changemaker, ‘in love with making new things’, exploring innovative ways to share knowledge and reduce waste.

Robert Lutze

A business analyst exploring technological solutions to empower ageing citizens, in particular around insurance needs and financial planning.

Vienna Ke

A passionate bi-cultural finance expert supporting innovative reform in China’s pension system, and building cross-cultural understanding in global business partnerships.

William Grice

An entrepreneurial financial services graduate developing new superannuation products, and looking for facilitation models to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Chu Yang

A passionate reporter who turned to doing and economic inclusiveness after experiencing a serious encounter with censorship.

Nick Hayden

A self-defined entrepreneur with a love for technology and education.

China Cultural Centre Arts and Culture Thinktank

Beth Shimmin

An arts festival organiser and marketing expert bringing Asian arts to Australian audiences.

David Clune

A multimedia producer developing a bilingual children show to build language learning and cross-cultural skills.

Guangkai Wen

A writer and film-maker from Hangzhou, organiser of a new Asian independent film Festival and creative space in Hangzhou.

Jasmine Moseley

A manager of Australian Ballet exploring new ways to create meaningful artistic experiences and access for isolated communities.

Rui Lu

Founder of Ban-ma, an online and offline innovation community in Wuhan - also a designer.

Wen Wen

An arts enthusiast bringing international artists and culture to Chinese audiences.

Yaqi Han

A media expert and multimedia content developer engaging migrant communities with indigenous Australians.

Yu Bao

Beijing local, international relations student, writer on lesbian fiction.

Yi Zhou

Beijing based innovator designer and product designer.

Lucy Jakubowski-Laxon

Bilingual classical singer, exploring new artistic engagement models.

Energy and Sustainable Living Thinktank

Cinthia Wang

An interaction designer and app developer with an environmental conscience, designing apps for no-paper advertising.

Daniel Rowe

A socially and environmentally engineer researching and developing new technological development for grid integration of renewables - leading by example - and hoping to build a tech accelerator in Australia.

Heliang Shi

A chemical engineer advocating for a sustainable future by promoting the ‘third industrial revolution’ new energy paradigm.

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Kate Cavanagh

A renewable energy expert researching new storage models to improve efficiency and sustainability, looking to support systemic change on an international scale.

Mi Yan

An ambitious youth leader developing new models to increase sustainability awareness among Chinese youth at all levels.

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Tim Binnion

A China-based Australian product design engineer developing new wind turbines (also bikes, websites and all sorts of cool objects) for a greener, more sustainable and ergonomic future.

Yuling 玉玲 Chen 陈

A journalist, researcher and story-teller documenting low-carbon city projects and supporting a sustainable future through story-telling.

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Michelle Lyons

A sustainable energy policy advisor with the Australian government, developing projection models to inform climate change. policy.

Giselle Coromandel

Leader of an energy innovation program and has travelled to Antarctica.

Lloyd Niccol

Engineer, energy innovation specialist

Foundation for Young Australians Pathways to Work Thinktank

Danmaji Niu

A social entrepreneur developing new models for women in rural areas.

Hannah Bretherton

A marketing and communications expert working and looking at ways to overcome the perceived impossibility to build deep Australia-China trust.

Hollie Gordon

An inspiring and inspired social entrepreneur empowering young people to pursue careers where they can both do well and do good.

Joe Liang

Mining engineer specialising in cross-cultural aspects of mining mergers.

Robert Xie

A finance project manager developing better retirement and investment products for an ageing population, preparing for the future.

Summer Edwards

An ethical fashion designer supporting new fashion market development for South-Western Chinese women.

Yang Liu

A marketing and tech expert from Yunnan looking for opportunities to support education and empowerment of women in Western China.

Kai 凯 (Kevin) Wang

An IT project manager and business consultant from a 4th tier city building communities online and offline.

Xin (Julia) Zhu

A passionate NGO worker supporting the development of new models for rural education and youth entrepreneurship.

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Shilong Guo

Future of Tourism Thinktank

Amber Miller-Greenman

Tourism innovator bringing peer-to-peer visitor experiences to Chinese travelers in Queensland.

Annie Beaulieu

A social entrepreneur integrating exploration as a model for partnership development, and tapping into the potential of the Chinese community for better and more sustainable tourism in Australia.

Julia Steele

An eco-tourism enthusiast building environmental awareness through eco-tourism.

Qilin Huang

A young change-maker from a small town China developing new models for educational tourism and musical education.

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Roman Davas-Fahey

A future wine-maker and viticulture expert planning a future in biodynamic wine-making and ambassador to Australian wines in China.

Rui Wang

A social innovator supporting AIDS-affected children in regional areas through voluntourism.

William Fong

A 4th generation Chinese-Australian tech-enthusiast promoting Chinese culture in Australia and exploring the shape of contemporary China’s tech world.

Yang Zhao

A graphic designer and international student looking for a path forward across both countries.

Lei 磊 Liu 刘

A media student organising independent film and art festivals, promoting cultural vibrancy in second tier cities, and looking to build a world-class creative park in China.

Ying (Celia) Xu

A ‘professional adventurer’ & documentary film-maker who travelled across the ‘Ancient Silk Road’, representing contemporary Chinese Muslim life.

Practera Play Thinktank

Andrea Carlon

An Italian product service designer in Shanghai, heavily involved in the maker community, looking to improve UX, visual and tech design systems.

Annie Shu

A multi-talented rising star, young bi-cultural woman leader from the finance industry.

Feihong Chen

An international tech-project manager with aspirations to laid-back lifestyle and a social mind - looking to pair up cities to increase talent circulation.

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Ivan Suen

A finance specialist and passionate problem solver with Asia ambition, very keen to learn.

Rensong Xu

A passionate ‘maker’ building collaboration to make toy cars, smart lockers and new hardware - generally passionate to make ‘awesome objects’.

Ross Ensbey

An East Asian languages expert solving problems for companies and individuals through technology.

Tiffany Leung

A web-designer advocating equal opportunities for women in technology.

Yanqing (Kenny) Cai (Choi)

Founder of Guangzhou's leading innovation community and co-working space yi-gather.

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Chenxi Zoe Zhang

Curator and arts entrepreneur - created platform to help makers and artists sustain diverse cultural development.

Isaac Huang

An corporate advisor and risk management expert building better relationships between Australian and Chinese businesses.

PwC Infrastructure Thinktank

Bernadette Miller-Greenman

A Rio Tinto civil engineer looking to develop people to people links between China and Australia.

Charmian Zhang

A Chinese-Australia heiress to courageous women, tapping into inner entrepreneurial strengths of women around the world to build a better future.

Ellen Xu

An arts researcher and project manager exploring mobility patterns in Chinese smart cities and supporting major events.

Kareen Livingstone

A young global citizen & investment analyst improving infrastructure investment patterns so that assets can better support a larger population - and building communication across teams.

Kate Smith

Engineer developing and implementing biosand filter projects to improve sustainable access to clean drinking water in regional areas of China.

Katrie Lowe

A passionate urban planner advocating for sustainable urban design and sustainable urban living.

Paul Irwin

A Sydney based city-planner looking at life-cycle integration to improve metropolitan service delivery.

Ruyi Wan

A public procurement expert, founder of ‘leading data engine for China public tendering information’.

Yuxi Lei

A nano-materials expert using nanomaterials to improve architectural sustainability.

University of Newcastle Innovation in Education Thinktank

Chris Breidahl

A committed educator championing success in STEM subjects for Australia’s future, and advocating for increased inclusiveness and equity in educational pursuits.

Daniel Poole

Heir to an artistic-intellectual family building on his international experience to empower young people to be agents of positive change, and expand the model of social enterprise to China.

Hymn Wong

An motion graphic & advertising expert looking for ways to connect working people with their passion.

Lucy Luo

Chinese-Australian environmental specialist leading nutrition awareness programs to change children’s eating habits for sustainability.

Phoebe Malcolm

Looking to develop a new project to give elderly Chinese people in Australia free language classes.

William Zhao

Student Union leader, champions a better experience for international students, student mobility, and a better position for Australian education industry.

Ying Xu

A passionate educator from Sichuan teaching sustainability to the new generation.

Tim Bennett

Student mobility advisor with Swinburne University - looking for innovative Chinese language and culture learning experiences for students, primary and university.

William Breedon

Kate McDonell

An engineering/nanoscience researcher and science communicator advocating scientific education for women to support national and international development.

UTS Entrepreneurship Thinktank

Brodie McCulloch 

Founder and manager of Spacecubed, Perth’s #1 social innovation co-working space.

Dan Sun

Godfree Donga

An entrepreneurial IT specialist from Africa finding new models to eradicate global poverty.

Jingning Ao

An all-achieving innovation student from Inner Mongolia with a strong international profile and interest in sustainability and non-profit sector.

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Sidney Wen

Venture capitalist specialising in tech from Beijing.

Vincent Cheng

A high achieving Chinese-Australian entrepreneur who started an online tea-shop company - and risk advisor with Westpac.

Wenhao Fan

An arts producer reconnecting offline communities through Playback Theatre - integrating migrants to HK with dignity, and documenting the work of new changemakers.

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Matthew Ho

An entrepreneurial web & product developer making language learning games and efficiency apps.

Zixin (Tony) Li

Journalist, founder of China30s - new platform exploring the lives of Chinese new innovators.

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Max Parasol

Lectures in law at Monash University, researching the impact of legal regulations on Chinese enterprises.