A bit of drama

Fear. Friendship. Anxiety. Excitement. These were some of the emotions that CAMPers said that they had experienced over the past two days. Actors from the Playback Theatre took these emotions and expressed them through the medium of improvised acting. Kenji Sato went backstage and asked the Playback Theatre team to talk about their art.


Kenji Sato

Improvisation seems like the most terrifying form of acting! What happens if you don’t come up with an idea?

That’s probably something that young entrepreneurs can relate to! We have this thing called stepping out so you just step out and trust the idea will come to you, and somehow it always does. Also we work with a team so often if your idea doesn’t come to you it comes to one of your teammates and you just go along with it.

I'm sure that applies to entrepreneurs as well! And I guess that for a lot of the emotions you’re trying to portray, anyone can relate to them.

Absolutely. And it comes from the audience. That’s the beauty of playback. We’re just reflecting what is given to us. One type of training that we do is called empathetic listening. That’s the idea that when you’re listening to someone, you’re really connected with their emotions and what they’re saying so that you can draw on your own experiences of that to present it back.


Wow. Seems scary. I could never do that!

It’s a skill, we work on them, we train. I tell people that anyone can do it if you put work into doing it.

How did you find the CAMPers?

It’s amazing the energy in that room. Coming in and just like, BOOM! People just wanting to express what a phenomenally rich, energetic, inspiring, challenging experience it’s been. It’s playback. Everyone bounces off each other and the energy just goes from one person to another. And it’s like you came through very well. Because you guys are so open. Ready to go, ready to do, ready to share, ready to communicate and it’s just wonderful.