A much needed breather

It's day three, and the exhausted CAMPers are given the chance to relax, unwind, and recharge their batteries at a Mind Body Workshop. The workshop incorporated Tai Chi, Aboriginal dance and deep breathing exercises. Kenji Sato spoke to Kana Lea, the CEO of Mind Body Academy, to find out how it all works.


Kenji Sato

By this point a lot of the CAMPers are really tired, emotionally and physically. Is this a good way to recover from that?

Absolutely. Rejuvenation of mind, body, soul and spirit and what drives us from our deep core. It’s an opportunity to embody that in every moment in every time. It’s about coming back to our breath and presence and always rejuvenating. Rejuvenating us from inside, outside and then outside back to the inside.

And that’s what you guys are all about at Mind Body Academy?

Absolutely. Mind Body leaders and trainers are passionate about coherent consciousness through the different chakras and just basically coming from our full presence and truths so we fuse a number of different exercises and modalities. So Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Breath-works and creative Expression. And also infused with leadership qualities, leadership training to basically fuse a intersynergistic practice.


Left: Kana Lea, CEO of Mind Body. Right: Eddie, instructor at Mind Body.

I noticed that you incorporated some Didgeridoo music!

Yes, we’re very much in deep honour of indigenous wisdoms and cultures from all different cultures and lands through the ages but in particular because we’re on this land we’re paying tribute to our indigenous brothers and sisters and uncles and aunties and really learning as much as possible about their culture and in addition honouring the indigenous within us. We’re all indigenous to the earth.

Do you incorporate some elements of Chinese arts, like Tai Chi?

Well Tai chi, meditation, Qigong is a big part of my practice and also mind body’s presence as well. Wu wei, the concept of Circle, oneness and everyone being interconnected is actually very similar to the indigenous philosophy. It’s just different expressions and unique modalities of the same essence that we’re all one and interconnected.

It’s a cultural boiling pot!

Absolutely. It’s a full encyclopaedia/alchemy. It’s a full merging of all the magic that we can learn in the world. It’s so important to remember the importance of our time in this world and the deep respect and collaboration opportunities and understanding opportunities between our two cultures. It’s more important now than ever before. So the message is to really honour this opportunity and really give it our all and be fully present. 20150603_084216_copy_copy.jpg

Interview with Eddie, a Mind Body Instructor.

I was told you incorporate all sorts of different types of meditation from Yoga to Tai Chi.

Yeah, I think the best thing is not to become too attached to one, because there’s so many beautiful ones out there. We try to use many different perspectives because some things will work better for some people. So we try to bring different things in so people can experience as much as they can and I guess that means that they can then decide which suits them best.

And I see that you’ve incorporated some indigenous music.

Yeah. The didgeridoo is obviously one of the oldest wind instruments in the world. I use it a lot in my own meditation practice the key that I usually play in when I’m in these kind of retreats is the C+ key which is supposedly the key of the earth. So it’s very healing. I use it in my own meditation and it usually helps me. I hope other enjoy it as well

And I think the people here really needed something like this. At this point they’re very physically and emotionally drained.

That’s right. This has definitely got a healing vibe to it.

Living in a city like this, it can be terribly stressful.

Yeah, very much so and when all of a sudden when you walk past a vibration or a sound that’s healing like that, naturally you’re going to relax.

Maybe this is not particularly the ideal place to meditate with the traffic and the noise. Living in Sydney, I guess it’s hard to get away from all this, I guess.

It doesn’t really take very long to get away from this. It’s the beauty of Sydney. You travel one, two hours in any direction and you’ll find peace. It’s amazing thing about being in Australia. Actually, we thought that this location would be good because the madness is still here and yet there’s a way of finding a little bit of peace from that, so if people can learn to adapt in this world and find some peace, then that’s a good thing

If you can find inner peace when there’s outer chaos then-

Then you’re definitely progressing, I think.

So to summarise, what are you guys at Mind Body all about?

We’re all about people exploring themselves and knowing the very famous proverb - know thyself. We’re all about that. If it means individuals learning more about themselves, or if it means businesses coming together and working more efficiently and more peacefully together at work then that’s our main objective. So that people can be happy. It’s not just about making money but making them happy so that then when they go to work they can enjoy it more and give more back.