Meet some of our alumni: Amber Miller-Greenman's story

Amber Miller-Greenman has a passion for China. She works in an industry with a significant Chinese market- tourism. At the time of applying for CAMP, Amber’s work role was not one that was focused solely on China.  She was keen to couple her passion for China, in a professional environment. “I was looking for opportunities outside of my day to day work to engage my interest in China. I had worked in China- at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010- but I hadn’t had a lot of opportunity to use this China experience since I returned. I was looking to get more involved and engaged with the China Australia relationships, and I was really excited when I came across CAMP.  It was exactly what I was looking for.



CAMP offered her an opportunity to connect with her passion for Australia-China relations. When asked whether CAMP enabled her to deepen her connection to bilateral relationship, Amber replied “Yes, and it also motivated me to focus more on it. I believe that if you focus on something and work hard at it, it will develop. With regard to working on the Australia China relationship, I believe it is all about starting on a person-to-person level. You can’t create great relationships between countries without the relationships between people. It is the people who create those types of relationships that lead to social change. It all comes down to the people. That is why I want to increase the profile of tourism across the Australia China relationship. I believe it is the most authentic way to build those relationships”

 By participating in CAMP, Amber also gained more confidence and a sense of empowerment to be able to make this happen in her career. “Professionally I wanted to raise my profile within my organisation as the China/Asia specialist.” Participating in CAMP motivated Amber to pursue many leadership opportunities in the Australia-China space. “I started reaching out to other people who were interested in this space. After CAMP, I became the Incubation Manager for the ACYA event, Australia China Emerging Leaders’ Summit. This was a good opportunity to teach what I’ve learnt through CAMP and to help prepare the students who were attending the conference. I joined the Australia China Young Professionals Initiative and am currently on the committee. It is my mission to raise the profile of tourism and its social and economic benefits. I organised and ran the first tourism focused event for ACYPI in Brisbane”.

These efforts haven’t gone unnoticed in her workplace either. “It does raise my profile. People are starting to see me as the China specialist. I am now project managing a major Asia-focused body of work that will have positive impacts for the China Australia tourism relationship in Queensland. ” Amber was also accepted in the AsiaLink Leaders Program for 2016, in which she was the recipient of one of the scholarships for CAMP alumni.

Amber puts her successes down to her passion and determination.  The confidence that she gained from participating in CAMP has been instrumental in helping Amber to move forward in her chosen career, as well as in day-to-day life. “I have grown in my confidence. I am more assertive. I have a really bright outlook about what is ahead. You just go out and find opportunities and do it. One thing leads to the next.” She says one of the most important things that she learned at CAMP was to “Get involved. Be a leader. If there is nothing there then be creative and make something positive happen to help get you to where you want to be.”