Application checklist


Applications for CAMP 2015 have now closed.

Please add your email address to keep in touch with us and hear about CAMP 2016!


Here is what you will need prepared before applying via our online application form: 

  1. A link to a short 1 minute video introducing yourself.
  2. A photo and 100 word bio for us to use in program material if you are accepted
  3. Contact details for 3 referees (including one professional and one personal)
  4. Answers to the some questions about your personal goals (see below)
  5. A link to your Linkedin profile, with details about your education and past professional and other experience
  6. Details about your qualifications, awards and achievements and employment history 

Questions about your personal goals:

  • Tell us what you are passionate about (100 words)
  • Tell us about a project that demonstrates this passion (100 words)
  • Which 'think tank' do you want to be involved in (choose from 20 think tanks that are taking place at the summit)
  • What are your future goals and how will CAMP help you get there? (100-200 words)
  • What are the current challenges facing Australia China relations and how will you make positive changes now or in the future? (300 words)

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