Building bilateral engagement to transcend borders

CAMP represents a new way of engaging cross-culturally and across borders. Ultimately we want to create a world in which relationships transcend national borders. A world in which we all feel part of a network of global citizens, who have deep friendships with people from different national and cultural backgrounds.

Delegates (CAMPers) from our first summit in 2015 have joined us on this journey to create new forms of bilateral engagement. Our first group of CAMPers are more confident in their cross-cultural skills and have formed deep friendships with one another.  Friendships which transcend borders. 

This is already beginning to influence the careers of our first group of CAMPers. 89% of CAMPers from this first group agree that attending CAMP gave them a good understanding of working cross-culturally. Just 6 months after CAMP, our survey found that 22% of CAMPers have changed their job to work in the Australia-China relationship, and every one of those CAMPers say that this change was a result of attending CAMP.  

As time goes by, we are really excited to see the other changes will emerge. 95% of CAMPers believe that they will use the CAMP network to find or create job opportunities in the future. Who knows where the relationships in this network will lead? We are sure that our network of CAMPers will have a positive role in the how our two countries work together and begin to transcend the borders between us.

This week we are assessing the applications for our CAMP 2.0. We are really excited to see who will join us in July. We are even more excited about adding another passionate cohort of CAMPers to our network and continuing to build these cross-cultural friendships that will shape the bilateral relationship in years to come.