Building bridges between Australia and China - 搭建中澳两国之间的桥梁

Here at CAMP we firmly believe that our human-centered approach to bilateral engagement is what makes us unique. This is a theme that comes up again and again when we speak with CAMPers about their experiences of the program. CAMP is building bridges between Australia and China on a person-to-person level through intensive cross-cultural collaboration.


Luxi was one of our CAMPers from 2015, who was also involved in our co-design workshop in 2014. She had just completed her PhD in Sydney when she first became involved in CAMP. “ I went to CAMP brainstorming co-design session in June 2014, which I had just discovered by chance. I thought ‘This is exactly what I want to do. I’ve lived in Australia for so long it feels like a home to me. I want to make the bridge between Australia and China based on what I know of the two countries.’ The thing that really interested me about CAMP is that they want to do this too.”


Another one of our CAMPers, Isaac, agrees. “CAMP is a fantastic sort of event. It very clearly designed to connect China and Australia. I am so glad there is such a thing as CAMP. It is an awesome model. I see it as something that is really valuable for the bilateral relationship”

If you are looking for an opportunity to engage with the Australia-China bilateral relationship on a human level, CAMP is designed for you. To get involved in building bridges between our two countries, apply to attend CAMP 2.0 in August 2016. We are currently accepting applications. You can apply here until Sunday March 6th.



孟露夕(Luxi)早在2014年就参与了我们的联合设计研讨会,并于2015加入CAMP。第一次参加CAMP活动的时候,她刚刚在悉尼完成了她的博士学位。“我偶然中参加了CAMP一次以头脑风暴为形式的联合设计研讨会,是在 2014年6月。当时的我就在想‘这正是我想要做的。在澳大利亚生活了这么多年,对我来说,这里就像是我的家一样。基于我对两个国家的了解,我想为搭建中澳两国之间的桥梁出一份力。’CAMP最令我感兴趣的一点就是——志同道合。”