CAMP languages

We've had a few inquiries from potential delegates about the languages spoken at CAMP. 

For this first year, we will be running the program entirely in English. If you've got friends in China who don't speak any English, tell them we'll be working hard after this year, and hope to run CAMP #2 in a multilingual format. If you're Australian, you can join CAMP even without any Mandarin skills. 

But hey - when you're working across cultures, it's always important to build some awareness of linguistic differences and their impact on communication. During the two months of online program, CAMP partner Marco Polo Project will give you some tips on cross-linguistic communications, and run cross-cultural activities based on language awareness. And if you're committed to working with China in the long term, you might be interested in some language learning tips - this list is a good place to start from for good advice and apps on the internet. 

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