CAMP offers opportunities for new engagement

CAMP offers the opportunity to connect across borders and promotes new ways of engaging between Australia and China. This is something that many of our CAMPers appreciated about their experience of the program.

One of our CAMPers from 2015, Vienna, considered this to be one of the key benefits of CAMP. Vienna was born in China, but has lived in Australia for more than a decade. Her work also touches upon the Australia - China relationship. So she already had a strong connection between the two countries. But CAMP offered her new ways to engage in the bilateral relationship. She told us “In the past I have seen the business relationship, and also the tourist exchange between our two countries. But CAMP offers something different. CAMP brings the social and business together, where Australians want to meet Chinese peers and want to discuss their ideas and interests. A way that Chinese and Australians can engage on a different level.”

This new way of engagement was something that really interested Vienna. Vienna told us that “The reason I wanted to join CAMP was to get to know many many people, especially innovative young people who are working on their own social impact initiatives in Australia and China for the mutual good. If I hadn’t participated in CAMP I probably could never meet these great people or hear their stories in the social impact space. I was inspired by their stories.” 

Even when your work already relates to the bilateral relationship in some way, CAMP offers something new and unique. Vienna appreciated this. “CAMP had wide range of topics so I knew it would be a great opportunity to meet people from other sectors - networking opportunity and to stretch myself to get to know other forms of innovation.”

If you would like to stretch yourself, and have the opportunity to collaborate across cultures and across sectors, we are currently accepting application to attend CAMP 2.0 in August 2016. You can apply here until Sunday March 6th