CAMPers connect over a shared passion - CAMP成员的激情共创未来

Here at CAMP we are working to capture some of the stories from our CAMPers. We are really keen to understand how CAMP was experienced, through the eyes of our CAMPers. Through this process we are gaining some really valuable insights into the benefits of CAMP, as seen by the participants themselves.

One of our CAMPers from 2015 - Thomas- has lived in Australia since the beginning of high school. He has a career in finance, and is really passionate about the opportunities that the Australia China Free-trade Agreement offers. So he applied to attend CAMP 2015 and was accepted into the Finsia Australia China Free-trade Agreement ThinkTank. 

Born in China, but having spent his teenage and adult years here in Australia, it was natural that Thomas would be passionate about the Australia-China relationship. But he felt alone in this passion. He hadn’t really met anyone who were interested in Australia-China bilateral engagement and so assumed that his Australian and Chinese peers weren’t interested. But CAMP would change that. 

At CAMP Thomas was able to engage with a group of 130 of his peers, all of whom connected over a shared passion for the Australia-China relationship. This meant a lot to Thomas. He told us “I feel so excited and well connected and I am happy to that there are so many people who are passionate about Australia China connection. Before I attended CAMP I didn’t realised that there were so many people passionate about this. I thought I was alone.” 

This experience changed the way that Thomas thought about connection. “As long you are connected on a common passion, it doesn’t matter if your backgrounds and culture are different.” One of the biggest things that Thomas said he learned is that “You find yourself in others”

If you would like the opportunity to connect with and be inspired by a group of your peers who share a passion for the Australia-China relationship, we are currently accepting application to attend CAMP 2.0 in August 2016. You can apply here until Sunday March 6th.





汤继允(Thomas)从高中开始就一直在澳大利亚生活,并于2015年加入CAMP。他现在从事金融方面的工作,并非常热衷于中澳自由贸易协定(Australia China Free-trade Agreement)所带来的机遇。因此,他申请参与了CAMP2015的项目,并成为澳新金融服务业协会FTA智囊团(Finsia Australia China Free-trade Agreement ThinkTank)的一员。


在中澳千禧人才计划中,Thomas 能跟其他130名成员一起交流,这些成员对中澳关系有着共同的兴趣和热忱。这对于Thomas来说意义非凡。他告诉我们:“我非常激动可以遇到大家,也很高兴有许多人对中澳交流都这么热情。在我参加CAMP之前,我都没有意识到有这么多人热衷于这件事。我曾以为我在孤军奋战。”