CAMPers find new opportunities to express their passions

As we go through our evaluation process, one of the things we are discovering is that our participants from the first CAMP have changed the way they look at opportunity. A number of CAMPers have told us that they have a new-found confidence after participating in CAMP and they feel empowered to seek out new opportunities, and find new ways to express their passions.


One story which embodies this from one of our CAMPers, Amber. Amber currently works in tourism and is passionate about the Australia- China relationship, which lead her to apply for CAMP. She had a very open conversation with us and told us that since CAMP “I have grown in my confidence. I am more assertive. I have a really bright outlook about what is ahead. You need to just make a decision, go out find opportunities and do it. One thing leads to the next.” She said that the most significant change she has observed in herself since CAMP was “Gaining more confidence and feeling like a leader.  I know that when you set your mind to something you can do it”.

Amber is also an accomplished tap dancer and has recently obtained a professional role in Queensland Ballet’s production of Strictly Gershwin.  It had been many years since she performed, let alone professionally.  However, just as she did with her CAMP application, she made a decision to get involved and focused her efforts on preparing to the best of her ability.

During the audition, Amber had the opportunity to perform for Chinese ballet dancer, Li CunXin (otherwise known as Mao’s Last Dancer). Amber is a long-time admirer of Li who is now the Artistic Director of the Queensland Ballet. “I actually got to dance for  him in the final audition. I had always wanted to meet him.  I felt like it was an opportunity to couple my passion for tap dancing, with my passion for China”

Amber told us “It is hard to say whether CAMP influenced the fact that I was successful in this particular audition, however I can certainly say that the the CAMP experience has boosted my confidence in many areas of my life. CAMP encourages you to stay in the mindset of being able to do anything.”

Congratulations to Amber on her amazing success post-CAMP. She also has had some post-CAMP success in her chosen career, but we will save those stories for another blog post in the future.

If you would like to grow your confidence and motivation to seek out new and interesting opportunities, we are currently accepting applications to attend CAMP 2.0 in August 2016. You can apply here until Sunday March 6th