CAMPers find new work in the Australia-China relationship

Here at CAMP we have created a unique model of bilateral engagement, uniting emerging young leaders from China with their peers in Australia. They come together to build friendships, collaborate and innovate solutions to the world’s big problems.

There is evidence that this experience is have an impact on our CAMPers beyond their participation of the program. Many CAMPers joined CAMP so they could re-engage with the Australia-China bilateral relationship. Once the program was completed, all of our CAMPers have continued to engage with their team members and friends they have made. This peer-to-peer engagement can strengthen ties between our two countries.

But for a high proportion of CAMPers, participating has also enabled them to bring their career in connection with the Australia-China bilateral relationship. Our evaluation survey has found that 22% of CAMPers changed their work so that they now specifically work with the Australia-China bilateral relationship. Some CAMPers changed their jobs to do this, whilst others were able to change the scope of their work so that it could focus on the bilateral relationship.

In other words, 22% of CAMPers have newly forged their leadership path in the bilateral relationship since CAMP. We are thrilled to know that today’s CAMPers are working to become the new leaders the Australia-China relationship. We are proud to be playing our part in creating engagement that is based on collaboration, innovation and friendship.

If you would like to build your role in the Australia-China space, you still have a chance to apply for CAMP 2.0. We have extended applications until Sunday march 20th. You can apply here. Be sure to get your applications in!