CAMPers grow their confidence in their own leadership skills

CAMP works to unite a talented group of emerging young leaders to collaborate cross-culturally and innovate solutions to the complex global issues. In 2015 we brought together 130 of the best and brightest 18-35 year olds from across Australia and China. With such a talented group of young people, you would think that they would be full of confidence in their own capacity to lead. But this is not necessarily the case.

Our social impact evaluation involved interviews with a number of CAMPers. This enabled us to understand what the benefits of CAMP were for them, and how CAMP has influenced their careers and the way they viewed themselves. Leadership was a common theme that emerged from these interviews. More specifically, CAMPers began to view themselves as leaders and grow more confident in their capacity to create and pursue opportunities to lead. This was an important social impact of the program- one which we have called empowered leadership. The evaluation found that this was one of the key benefits of CAMP. In the words of Amber, one of our CAMPers: [the benefit of CAMP was] getting that confidence. Feeling like I’m a leader. Knowing when you set your mind to something you can do it.”

The evaluation survey also aligned with the findings of these interviews. The survey found that 44% of CAMPers felt more confident in their professional abilities as a result of attending CAMP. Perhaps more significantly, 58% of CAMPers have a sense that they can create their own opportunities after attending CAMP. That is a significant number of CAMPers who feel empowered to lead.

In 2016 we will bring together 150 more for CAMP 2.0. We are excited to see what impact CAMP will have for them. We will be announcing the successful CAMPers this week, so stay tuned! We can't wait to hear what the CAMP experience is like for them.