ChinaHACK: Developing a China Strategy

CAMP's mission is to facilitate greater collaboration between China and Australia. We do this with our flagship program that sees 150 young people come together for a cross-cultural leadership and design innovation program. Alongside our flagship program, we use our expertise in China and innovation to help Australian businesses be better prepared to respond to the bilateral opportunities between Australia and China. 

Last week in Sydney we held ChinaHACK, a facilitated hackathon designed to improve practical understanding of China and generate an active, tailored China strategy for participants to walk away with. This event was faciliated by CAMP Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer Vivien Sung. Vivien was joined by some experienced entrepreneurs from the Chinese innovation landscape. 

Special guests included:

 党金 Shaper Dang, Innovations Manager from Chinese innovation giant, Tencent.

6 years within Tencent Group, Shaper has initiated and developed numerous innovative projects to help businesses expand on the global level, which include promoting tourism destinations (Japan, Korea, West Australia) with selected Chinese celebrities in 2015 as well as leading China innovation delegation to attend Harvard China Forum in 2016.

Tencent businesses include: Wechat, QQ, QQ Games, Qzone and Tenplay

张帅Shuai Zhang Founder and CEO of C2B e-commerce platform ‘请出价(qingchujia)’, the most prominent C2B e-commerce in China.

Previous Employee of Alibaba, the CEO of ‘qing chu jia’ founded this new C2B e-commerce platform through wechat. The C2B business model is described by Jack Ma as the ‘future of e-commerce’. Within 2 years, Qing Chu Jia has grown as the most promiinent C2B e-commerce in China. The company obtained significant investment from and closed strategic partnership status with Tencent Group and

We would like to thank Shaper Dang and Shuai Zhuang for offering us their insight and expertise. Our participants gained a great deal from hearing what these entrepreneurs had to say. 

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