How is CAMP experienced differently by Australian and Chinese participants?

In last week's post we saw that men and women experienced CAMP differently. As with gender, the experience of the program is also likely to be different depending upon your cultural background. Culture affects how you perceive the world and your place in it, as well as how you learn and how you approach your work. So it is natural that there will be differences in the way CAMPers experienced the program and how the program impacted on their lives and careers, depending upon their cultural background.

For example, there was a wide variety of new leadership experiences that were taken on by CAMP participants since attending CAMP in 2015. Within the types of new leadership experiences, many had similar outcomes irrespective of culture and nationality. But there were a few key elements in which there were notable differences.

CAMPers from the PRC were significantly more likely to have taken on a new community activism or volunteering role since attending CAMP. This was as compared to all other groups- Australians of non-Chinese background, Australian-born Chinese and Chinese-born participants who have been educated in Australia.

CAMPers from Australia, both Australian-born Chinese and Australians of non-Chinese heritage were significantly more likely to have taken on a new promotion or new job since attending CAMP.

There were number of CAMPers whose jobs have changed since CAMP, and they are now working in Australia-China bilateral engagement. PRC participants of CAMP were much more strongly represented in this group, and all of these participants indicated that attending CAMP contributed to this career change. It could be that travelling to Australia, and the intensive cross-cultural collaboration experience enabled PRC participants to engage with the bilateral relationship in a way that they hadn’t previously. 

So our CAMP alumni are taking on new leadership and career opportunities in great numbers, but expression of this is different depending on thier culture and nationality. In future years it will be interesting to see if these outcomes are similar and explore with our alumni what is motivating these differences.

But there were many ways in which CAMPers were all on the same page. Regardless of culture, we have observed leadership development across the board. Of that fact we are particularly proud.