Innovation Nation: are you in?

Our partner Foundation for Young Australians just launched an amazing campaign for Australia's young people, gathering 1000 Ideas for a Better Australia. 

Innovation Nation is a national ideas challenge for young people, to surface this country’s boldest, most innovative ideas for a better Australia.The campaign will run between Jan – Mar 2015 and will engage 1000’s of young people, entrepreneurs, and organizations to lead a conversation about innovation and entrepreneurship.

One of the streams for this remarkable initiative is engagement with Asia. Because ou future lies in the Asian region as it grows as a key influencer in world affairs. This is an exciting opportunity, but we need to get our skates on and get prepared. Check out this video, where our COO Aimee Zheng sharing her vision of a China-ready Australia on FYA's innovation nation website. 

So, are you in? Timing works, and you can apply to join both Innovation Nation AND CAMP! 

Foundation for Young Australians is the only national independent non-profit organisation dedicated to all young people in Australia. Their role is to provide the tools and connections that equip them to change their world. Foundation for Young Australians is one of CAMP ThinkTank partners, with a focus on Youth Employment. Do you believe you can make a change? Apply for CAMP

For all questions, contact Julien at - or through WeChat at julien_melbourne