Introducing our delegates: Lloyd Niccol

You're probably wondering who's gonna be part of the CAMP experience. Lucky for you, we've already selected some delegates from Australia and China to be part of CAMP. Over the coming weeks, we'll introduce them to you through a series of posts on this blog. 

Today, we're introducing Lloyd Niccol, a Sydney-based innovative engineer, specialising in sustainable buildings and materials. 


What kind of person are you? 

I could best be described as a creative engineer with a passion for adventure, risk taking and all things outdoors. I have a hunger for learning, discovery and innovation and a passion for sustainable design, environmental equity and environmental protection. I am extremely interested in Asian culture and business which initiated from a university exchange to Korea and many trips to China.

What are your top skill sets?

My primary skills are in sustainable housing and design, sustainability leadership, renewable energy, project management and mechanical engineering. I am also a confident presenter.

What attracts you to be a part of CAMP? 

I am keen to be a part of CAMP as I believe it has the opportunity to be a major contributor in solving some of the world’s wicked and structural problems by harnessing diversity in culture and values and bringing together creative and dynamic youth. The opportunity for cross pollination of ideas with peers from China will provide me with a broadened view and scope, exciting new opportunities and access to global scale and impact not available here in Australia.

I am keen for the opportunity to develop close friendships with both Australian and Chinese innovators who share my passions and to harness these friendships to develop innovative projects that will have a positive impact on humanities environmental footprint. I am also hoping to improve my understanding of Chinese culture and business practice to increase future project and business opportunities and to facilitate a lot more travel to China. I suspect I will be pushed well outside of my comfort zone which I am also looking forward to.

How do you think you can contribute to CAMP?

I think my energy and passion for adventure and my willingness to explore and push boundaries will help to stimulate some exciting and creative solutions to problems. My skills and networks in sustainable design and renewable energy in both Australia and China will be valuable across a range of topics and provide a good base for understanding what is possible both now and in the future. My experience working in and managing project teams will also be useful in creating cohesive functional teams that can deliver.

What project are you most proud of that demonstrates your passion? 

In 2013 I project managed the winning entry into the world’s largest student led sustainable buildings competition, the Solar Decathlon China. The competition required students to design, build and operate a full sized ultra-sustainable net-zero energy home in China. Over a period of 18 months, and with a team of 50 students we developed a unique design concept to demonstrate how to retrofit and upgrade a portion of Australia’s existing and unsustainable building stock. We developed innovative solutions and technologies, raised approximately $500,000 in materials and funding and built the home with our own hands. The house was then shipped to China and rebuilt in 10 days (with full landscaping and fit out) before being displayed to almost 300,000 visitors and competing against 20 other international teams!

This project was an incredible avenue to channel my passion for sustainable design and construction, innovation, and renewable energy. It allowed me to work in China and to experience firsthand the diverse culture and the enormous challenges and opportunities residing over there. I am particularly proud of the ability for a large and diverse group of university students to pull together and work creatively to solve complex problems.