Introducing our delegates: Lucy Jak-Lax

You're probably wondering who's gonna be part of the CAMP experience. Lucky for you, we've already selected some delegates from Australia and China to be part of CAMP. Over the coming weeks, we'll introduce them to you through a series of posts on this blog. 

Today, we're introducing Lucy Jak-Lax from Australia, Mandarin speaker and musical performer, who recently sung at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. 


What kind of person are you?

Sociable, empathic, love learning and working with people to make things happen. I’m also a fast learner and good at finding new ways of doing things.

What are your top skill sets?

Inspiring, communicating, co-ordinating and working as a team-member. I think and work outside the box which is a trait that has led to my developing skills and ending up in places I wouldn’t have thought I would end up in. As a singer/performer and Chinese language learner I have had the opportunity to live and perform in China and learn about many of its aspects.

What attracts you to be a part of CAMP? 

CAMP is about building connections between Australia and China and inspiring innovation and future business and cultural partnerships. I love the team and want to be a part of creating something historic and enlightening. My own interest in Chinese culture and people is a big part of this too. I think Australia and China have so much potential working together, and I want to be part of making this happen.

How do you think you can contribute to CAMP?

I hope to assist to CAMP by contributing the experience and passion I have for networking and communication. By the end of CAMP, I hope we will have succeeded in developing some really interesting collaboration which will continue beyond CAMP and that our participants will have built lasting friendships.

What project are you most proud of that demonstrates your passion?

I am most proud of my growth over years of challenging myself – I am not one to shy from a challenge! As my main experiences have been in music and learning about China, I would say 2014 has been a year of pride for me. I have performed Chinese music in the Hanyu Qiao, A Chinese festival in Town Hall, In Shanghai Jiaotong University and In the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Along the way I have discovered priceless friends and learned many wonderful things. The hard work has been worth really worth every moment and I hope to continue on in a China-filled future!