Introducing our delegates: Yi Zhou

You're probably wondering who's gonna be part of the CAMP experience. Lucky for you, we've already selected some delegates from Australia and China to be part of CAMP. Over the coming weeks, we'll introduce them to you through a series of posts on this blog. 

Today, we're introducing Yi Zhou, Beijing-based designer and creative artist, founder of design agency @Little-E studio.


What kind of person are you?

In general, I am a out going person and always curious about new things. I am willing to learn things that I don’t familiar with. In daily life, some of my friends called me ‘Beijing Sassy Girl’. This may be a little bit over exaggerate, but I take it as a compliment.

What are your top skill sets?

As I am in design field, particularly product design. I am confident about design related skills such as brain storm, design methods, sketch, model making. Due to I have experienced several large scale projects,  team working and communication skills are also gained from that.

What attracts you to be apart of CAMP?

CAMP provide a great opportunity for young people from China and Australia. Every individual may have different backgrounds and perspectives, with this platform they are able to share ideas and exchange information face to face. I am especially interested about the Vivid Sydney Festival part. It would be wonderful if I have the chance to talk with a lighting engineer and getting to know how the projector works. 

How do you think you can contribute to CAMP?

I would consider this CAMP as a container for all kinds of innovators. Each participant have their own profession. What I can do is contribute the knowledge I have in my field and pass that to the person who have interests to know. I believe if everyone is willing to share like this way, each young creator can learn a lot after 5 days.

What project are you most proud of that demonstrates your passion?  

Little E studio have a main project named ‘Body Memory’. It is a hypothesis that the body itself is capable of storing memories, as opposed to only the brain. So the studio provide customized service for people who want to make their small body parts(fingers, nose, mouth and etc..) into necklace or brooch as special gifts. This is not only meaningful for individuals but also for people have special memories associated with particular body parts. Now it has been exhibited several exhibitions such as ‘Get it louder 2014’ and Beijing Design Week 2014. The number of customers is also growing. But Rome was not built in a day. I started from scratch then constantly worked on this project for a year. I guess all project need people dedicate their time and energy into it and sometime the process is slow. But with patient and passion, I believe one day all the hard works will pay off.