CAMP was a life changing experience - CAMP是一场改变人生之旅

As we kick off 2016, and start preparations for CAMP 2.0, the CAMP team are reflecting upon some of the outcomes experienced by our first cohort of CAMPers- our CAMP 2015 alumni. We are currently going through an evaluative process to capture, document and understand how participating in CAMP was experienced by our CAMPers, and how the experience has influenced their leadership journey. 

So what sort of experience did our CAMPers have? CAMP co-founder and CEO Andrea Myles observed that “many of our CAMPers told the team that CAMP had opened up a whole new world for them. It was a life changing experience. Not just because of what they have learned about cross-cultural communication, design/innovation and creative leadership. But also that participating in CAMP had given them a deeper understanding of their capacities as young leaders and their ability to go out into the world and make a difference.” 

The purpose of CAMP is to bring together a group of talented leaders from Australia and China, and create a network of creative leaders who have the capacity to drive innovation and social change in their communities and internationally. The initial feedback that we have had from our inaugural group of CAMPers shows that we are on the right track. “We envision that as CAMPers careers grow and develop, the seeds that are sewn in CAMP will grow roots and span across Australia and China. We believe that the social connections made at CAMP will endure. And that CAMPers will use the CAMP network to find and create business and career opportunities.” 

As we go through our evaluative process, we look forward to understanding the experiences of our CAMPers in greater depth, to build upon the great work we achieved in CAMP 2015. We will work to strengthen what we have achieved so that we can deepen our impact. As we work through our evaluation we will share the stories of our CAMPers with you here, so they can inspire you as they inspire us too.  

This week we are thrilled to open applications for CAMP 2.0, the 2016 gathering of young Australian and Chinese innovators and emerging leaders. If you would like to take part in a life changing gathering of talented and inspiring young leaders, we encourage you to apply.





那么这些CAMP参与者到底有怎样的体会呢?CAMP联合创始人兼首席执行官Andrea Myles发现:“许多CAMP成员告诉我们,这个活动向他们展示了一个全新的世界。那是一段足以改变人生的经历。这不仅仅是因为他们学到了跨文化交流、设计与创新、创意领导才能;同时,参与CAMP的经历,让他们更深入地了解到作为青年领袖应具备的才能,以及走出世界和改变世界的潜力。