Meet some of our alumni: Kevin Wang's story

Suzhou-based Kevin Wang was very active in voluntary youth leadership initiatives and when he heard about CAMP he was immediately interested. “[I was drawn to CAMP because] I am interested in youth development, social good, and innovation. I am dedicated to using technology to change our day-to-day lives.” CAMP was a great fit for him, and he joined the Foundation for Young Australians Youth Employment ThinkTank.

When asked about the benefits of CAMP, Kevin told us that the three main benefits for him were “Meeting many idealistic/creative young people; considering the problem from many different angles; and studying the business and innovation expertise”. Kevin felt that the experience of CAMP had changed him “The cultural exchange has deepened my understanding. I have seen many more aspects of the world and life…... Looking at the differing viewpoints of the two side through communicating with my Chinese and Australian peers has deepened my understanding of both sides. CAMP has increased my self confidence, enabled me to express my own ideas, investigate different aspects of life…….CAMP was a very special experience”

Kevin continues to apply the knowledge gained at CAMP in his work. And since attending CAMP the confidence he gained from the experience has contributed to him securing a new job in Shanghai. “I am working for HaiZhi ( which is a big data platform and enterprise mobile internet application. My role is as a Business Information consultant. CAMP gave me courage, international perspective, more communication skills and business strategy for tech start-up. All of this helped me to get the job.”