Meet the CAMP Team: Co-founder and Chief Curator

Liu Yan is one of the co-founders of CAMP, and our Chief Curator. In 2016 her primary goal is to create a brand-new Cross Culture Leadership program with the focus to help leaders to build skills and mindsets of leading and collaborating in a globalised world blending Western and Eastern thinking.

Liu Yan has over 15 years of creative leadership and entrepreneurship experience working in China and the Netherlands. She has extensive social innovation, open innovation, experiential learning, community building, creative talent development and cross media experience, having been contributing to several world leading institutions and forums on innovation, creative leadership and digital culture. She served as the founder and chief catalyst of Ask Lab, a social enterprise that connects talent and idea with business challenges through co-creation and experiential learning. Prior to this, She established Xindanwei, a Shanghai based coworking center, international innovation hub and one of the World Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in China listed by FastCompany. She is the author of “Coworking Manual” – a book published at App Store under Creative Commons to help entrepreneurs to set up coworking community. .


Liu Yan’s educational background is predominantly in Arts Management and Marketing with a breadth in cultural and creative entrepreneurial study and practices. She is the founding participant of THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership. She is a BMW foundation Young Global Leader and is awarded by Girl 2.0 as Top Female Innovator. She served as the jury member of Prix Arts Electronica 2011-2012, one of the most premium international award for digital art and community project.

Liu Yan currently provides co-creation, experiential learning and innovation training solutions to a number of multinational, government and social enterprises to help individual and business with an increased capacity for creative problem solving and an understanding of innovation processes, facilitate creative solution and creative team-building. Her clients include Audi, British government, Kempinski, Schneider Electric, Nudge Foundation and Transist. She has also been a co-facilitator and Master Practitioner of THNK on corporate innovation training programs, a unique blend of design thinking, critical thinking and leadership. Liu Yan has also delivered talks to the Skoll World Forum, Amplify Festival and many other international forums on innovation and startup culture in China.

Liu Yan is a holder of a Master of Arts degree from the Utrecht School of Art, the Netherlands, a Postgraduate degree in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK, a recipient of the 2012 THNK fellowship for creative Leadership, lives in Shanghai, China and is married with two children.

刘妍,创新者,社会企业家, “新单位” “问社”及“中澳千禧计划”的联合创始人。阿姆斯特丹THNK创新领导力学院学院创始学员及培训师,美国杜克大学商业培训公司中国区培训师,荷兰乌特勒支艺术学院艺术管理硕士 。著有中国第一本全面介绍“coworking”的中英文著作“协作式办公指南”, 将众创空间的概念和实践带到中国。目前她致力于设计和推动跨领域和跨文化的创新教育平台和课程。

客居欧洲期间, 刘妍曾活跃于中国与欧洲之间的文化交流与创意产业链接领域,曾担任荷兰乌特勒支市政府文化厅文化教育项目资深顾问,荷兰V2的DEAF电子艺术双年展和欧洲最大创意产业盛会“野餐会”特邀顾问与策展人。


- 曾被全球创新杂志“快公司”评选为2013年中国十大创新企业、中国第一家联合办公空间

- “新单位” 中国第一家创客空间“新车间 ” 通过集结民间智慧解决商业和社会问题的“问社”创新咨询机构- 支持中国智能硬件通过众筹走向国际市场的“笃创传媒”

- 中澳两国200名青年领袖创新孵化项目“中澳千禧计划”(简称CAMP) 除了是一名企业家和创新实践者,刘妍也是一名经验丰富的创新领导力培训师,她的客户全为全球五百强CEO及企业高管,包括:谷歌,欧莱雅,南非标准银行,施耐德电气,英国石油,等等。