NAB Women's Agenda Leadership Awards

It is pleasant to be recognised for the good work that you do.

Today, CAMP CEO Andrea Myles was nominated by NAB as one of four finalists for the Women's Agenda Leadership Awards. The NAB Women's Agenda Leadership Awards celebrate the best and most inspiring female talent in business and the community, as well as the men and women who help women achieve. 


Andrea's passion for China was ignited during a long stay in the country, working in Beijing, Kunming and Shangri-La. She has a long track record of sharing her passion for China across business, young people and communities. In addition to heading up the China Australia Millennial Project, she is the National Director of a nation-wide high school China-literacy initiative called The Engaging China Project and previously National Manager, Marketing and Development of the Australia China Business Council.


The NAB Awards celebrate women who currently demonstrate talent and capacity for driving change within their own team and/ or organisation. Great leaders not only demonstrate talent and vision: they gather others around them to make this vision a collective reality, and reveal the best in people. Andrea believes in a future where the rise of China is an opportunity for Australian businesses and communities, and a source of hope for a more sustainable, more socially and environmentally responsible future.

CAMP is a world-first program that brings together top innovators from Australia and China, inviting them to work together on solving real problems across twenty key areas of focus. By bringing together top talent from Australia and China, and offering them a chance to build leadership, innovation and cross-cultural skills, we believe we can contribute to a better future in our region. 

CAMP applications close on February 28 - if you're 18-35, and a leading innovator in your field: apply for CAMP

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