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What happened at CAMP 2015? 

The China Australia Millennial Project Summit in Sydney from 1st-5th June brought together young innovators from Australia and China to tackle global challenges and create solutions.


China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) is a world-first bilateral incubator uniting top young leaders, innovators and changemakers from China with their Australian peers. CAMP believes we can do better to bring Australia and China together by deepening networks, forging friendships and expanding potential for ongoing collaboration. We're introducing tomorrow's leaders to their future allies.

We've just wrapped up a fantastic week of creativity, friendship, ideation and innovation amongst our 130 delegates. From a dawn climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to a glittering gala dinner in Town Hall, the dazzling lights of Vivid provided the backdrop to a world-first event.

Please explore the Summit program here

CAMPers on bridge 12


Our CAMP ThinkTank teams pitched their new ideas to a panel of judges comprising angel investors, startup hubs and business mentors. The final three teams pitched their ideas again at the CAMP Gala Dinner at Town Hall, competing to win a trip to China to pitch to the OTEC entrepreneurs' summit and a 1 million RMB prize.

Elumin8 1

Winner: Elumin8

Elumin8 is the ipod of energy; a beautiful system that conveys complex home energy data simply. Elumin8 uses smart meter data to empower households to use energy efficiently.  This four-tier product offering will transform energy consumption in China and Australia and help to mitigate climate change.

The team that came up with the idea for Elumin8 are:

Lloyd Niccol - Engineer and energy innovation specialist

Kate Cavanagh - A renewable energy expert researching new storage models to improve efficiency and sustainability, looking to support systemic change on an international scale.

Mi Yan - An ambitious youth leader developing new models to increase sustainability awareness among Chinese youth at all levels.

Tim Binnion - A China-based Australian product design engineer developing new wind turbines (also bikes, websites and all sorts of cool objects) for a greener, more sustainable and ergonomic future.

Chell Lyons - A sustainable energy policy advisor with the Australian government, developing projection models to inform climate change policy.

1st Runner Up and People's Choice Award Winner - Unxiety

An online interactive platform that uses game therapy to treat anxiety. Anxiety is a hidden disorder in both China and Australia that is suffered by up to a third of the population. Game therapy offers a differentiated way to deal with the problem and motivate behavioural change especially for the younger generation that is familiar with gaming.

2nd Runner Up - Future of Awesome

A content production agency which caters to regional tourism service providers, promoting Australian regional experiences to a Chinese audience. This is to address the disparity between urban and regional flows of Chinese tourists by making regional opportunities more easily searchable online in Chinese, while also taking measures to make experiences more Chinese-traveller friendly.




Telephone: +61 0403 342 838

Twitter: @china_australia


All media please call +61 419 970 984 or +86 132 61407730 (Chinese)

To express interest in being a delegate or partner of CAMP 2016, please fill in your details here:




September 2015


Win a trip to Sydney, Australia to participate in the China-Australia Millennial Project 2016!


Join the CAMP IDEA FACTORY 中澳千禧计划梦工厂 at Beijing Design Week on 27th September 2015!  


中澳千禧计划正在寻找年龄在1 8 - 3 5 岁的优秀人才加入到中澳千禧计划梦工厂工作,中澳千禧计划梦工厂是北京国际设计周中一个重要的中澳活动。你的任务是参加我们的北京国际设计周,参加我们的团队,合作进行创意设计,构建国际合作。获胜的团队将赢得2016中澳千禧计划的资格,飞到悉尼参加该活动(包括往返机票、住宿和2016中澳千禧计划注册费)。我们邀请了文化界、企业界、创业界、创新/制造界团体来2016中澳千禧计划梦工厂并邀请在京的企业家和希望与国际和澳大利亚合作的创业人才及企业参与或指导团队。在澳大利亚悉尼,每年,中澳千禧计划聚集中澳两国各领域的1 3 0 多位卓越行业领袖参与为期1 0 周的创新孵化器(在线9周:在悉尼5天)活动,共同创造新的业务和社交方式,迎接世界上最大的挑战。我们为全球最正能量的影响力和技能培养建立了殷实的关系,我们这样做是源于我们有极大的乐趣。加入我们吧!麦舒岚. 中澳千禧计划的首席执行官麦舒岚将出席中澳千禧计划梦工厂活动。

报名方式: 只有接到请柬者方可出席中澳千禧计划。表达你对出席中澳千禧计划的兴趣, 请登录 here

Location 地点: The Factory, 8 Da Wai Lang Ying Hutong, Da shilar, Beijing // 北京大栅栏大外廊营胡同8号

Can your creative innovation WIN you a trip to Australia?

We are looking for the brightest minds aged 18-35 years old to collaborate at CAMP IDEA FACTORY , the premier China-Australia hackathon at BJDW. Your mission is to join us at BJDW and within a team, collaborate and design a new approach to building international collaborations. The winning team will win a scholarship place within CAMP 2016 and be flown to Sydney to participate (including return flights, accommodation and CAMP 2016 registration fee). We invite the cultural, creative, entrepreneurial and innovation/maker community to the CAMP IDEA FACTORY as well as invite other Beijing-based entrepreneurs and innovators with an interest in international or Australian collaboration and markets to participate or mentor a team. Each year in Sydney, Australia, the China Australia Millennial Project unites over 130 highly-talented emerging leaders from China and Australia from all disciplines for a 10 week innovation incubator (9 weeks online and 5 days in Sydney) to co-create new business and social approaches to some of the world’s largest challenges. We build real relationships for awesome global positive impact, skill building and we have a lot of fun while we do it. Join us!

Registration: Attendance at CAMP IDEA FACTORY is by invitation only. Apply here.

Location 地点: The Factory, 8 Da Wai Lang Ying Hutong, Da shilar, Beijing // 北京大栅栏大外廊营胡同8号

Full Australian program for Beijing Design Week here.

CAMP IDEA FACTORY opens at 8.30 for a 9:00am sharp startand finishes at 5:00pm.

CAMP IDEA FACTORY Program 2015/09/27:

8:30         9:00              Registration: Arrival: Tea & Network                      

9:00         9:15              Welcome - China Australia Millennial Project CEO & CAMP Alumni

9:15         9:35              Set It Up - CAMP Idea Factory

9:35         9:45              Meet & Greet - form your team of 3

9:45         10:30            Challenges & Opportunities

10:30       11:00            Morning Tea

11:00       11:25            Human-Centred Research   

11:25       11:55            Research Synthesis

11:55       12:10            Pre-Brainstorm Set Up

12:10       12:55            Lunch

12:55       13:25            Rapid Brainstorm

13:25       14:50            Idea Factory  

14:50       16:10            Pitch Your Group Idea

16:10       16:30            Afternoon Tea

16:30       16:45            Icebreaker & Reflection

16:45       17:00            Winning Team Announced!

17:00       17:10           Finish (dinner optional)