Playback Theatre delights and thrills CAMPers

On the evening of Day 2, CAMP delegates, industry leads, corporate partners and speakers delighted in a performance from Playback Theatre at the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts on Pitt Street. From the beginning, the audience was thrilled, amused and intrigued all at once by the talented improvisation of Playback Theatre, who proved to connect with the CAMPers’ emotions on a deeper level. Debby Ng has more.


Delegates were asked what particular feelings they were experiencing at the moment. Some of the responses included excitement, anxiety, creativity, and having the feeling of potential, then falling into obstacles. Below is the performance artists’ rendition of ‘fear of failure’, as expressed through movement. It conveys how delegates can be inspired with a multitude of ideas, then become shadowed with uncertainty because of the little details they must tackle in the course of developing into young entrepreneurs. Fear of failure is a worry that many delegates feel during the process of discussing and fine-tuning their pitches with their teammates and mentors.

A passionate ‘maker’ building collaboration to make toy cars, smart lockers and new hardware, CAMP delegate Rensong (Nick) Xu humourously and bravely spoke in front of the audience about his first day at CAMP, where he fell asleep during the bus trip from the BridgeClimb to Sydney Town Hall for the opening ceremony. After being sent off by the bus driver, Nick was lost in a foreign city and contacted his friends, who sent him the Hall location on WeChat. He then followed GPS instructions and got lost, until some directions from people on the street, but mostly his own intuition and self-trust, led him to his destination.

CAMP delegate Yuling (Jade) Chen is a journalist and researcher documenting low-carbon city projects and supporting a sustainable future through storytelling. Jade went on an emotional and physical journey in China, going back and forth between being excited about the prospect of coming to Australia, and losing confidence in her ability to juggle embracing her innovative side and creating CAMP pitches alongside her job. It was with the unwavering encouragement and support of her international CAMP team that she eventually made her life-changing journey to Sydney this week. This performance documents her struggles.

Playback Theatre’s production was special to CAMP participants because it allowed their innermost emotions to be explored and felt with everybody in the room. It also comforted with the fact that all emotions in the innovative experience are universal and shared among the delegates both nationwide and from all over the world.


Nick Xu retells his first CAMP experience with host Johanna De Ruyter


Videos: Debby Ng, Photos: Cindee Duong, Debby Ng