The CAMP commute

One of the best things about CAMP is our amazing team. But it's better than you think: we're not just a bunch of smart people sitting at a cool co-working space - we live in different cities, like the delegates we're bringing together, and our work on this project is inspired every day by this environment. 

One day, we thought it would be good to share pictures of our commute with each other, on our WeChat group. And it was such a great way to know each other, that we thought we might share the pictures with you! 

Liu Yan, our chief curator, lives and work in Shanghai. It's a dense urban environment, with tall towers - but these clusters of tall buildings hide quiet inner plazas, lawns and bunches of trees among them. 


Yan_1.jpg Yan_3.jpg

Julien Leyre, our recruitment director, lives in Melbourne, Australia's most 'European' city. He's a city boy, and lives in the heart of the CBD - and from his art deco building to our partner FYA's shared office space, via funky laneways, his commute is extremely mineral - he might see more people and fewer trees than Liu Yan in Shanghai. 




Finally, Vivien Sung, our Chief Experience Officer, lives in Sydney, and like most Australians, her daily life is deeply connected with nature: she starts her day with trees and water views, keeps an eye on the harbour as she commutes on the train, and finally reaches the CAMP headquarters in the bustling centre of Sydney, greeted by historical stone buildings and subtropical palms. 




Every day, CAMP brings this diversity together to prepare an amazing experience! Are you passionate about building sustainable cities, where commuting is pleasant? One of our ThinkTanks is devoted to sustainable urban design: make sure to check it out! 

Would you like to come visit Sydney, and judge by yourself? Apply for CAMP! Applications close on February 28.

For all questions, please contact Julien: - or through WeChat at julien_melbourne - and if you're in Melbourne, he might even take you to some great hidden place for a chat.