What actually happens at CAMP?

CAMP is a world-first initiative for large-scale cross-cultural engagement between young leaders from China and another country, based on the principles of peer-learning and action-based learning. 


In line with our core philosophy, promoting an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach to education, large parts of the program will be co-created by the people who take part - that is, you, the delegates. We believe you know even more about innovation in China and Australia than we do, you hold the key to a future of deep collaboration. Our role is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, by bringing you together, and conducting activities that maximise your potential. 

So we can't tell you in details what happens at CAMP, but there's a few concrete details that we can share rightaway:

  • Most of your time at CAMP will be spent interacting within a ThinkTank. Each ThinkTank will bring together a mix of Australian and Chinese young leaders, and will address one challenge posed by the ThinkTank sponsor within one area of focus. (Check the full list here.)
  • Over 9 weeks, from March 23 to May 31, you will take part in a facilitated online program where you will identify two main potential projects and work on fast-prototyping them into workable ideas. Through this process, you will also develop strong bonds with other participants in your ThinkTank, and better understand your own leadership and innovation profile. 
  • For five days in Sydney, June 1 to June 5, you will refine your project and make it investor ready. You will also interact closely with people from other ThinkTanks and leading industry experts for cross-pollination and network development. 
  • At the end of the trip, you will pitch your project to an audience of potential investors - and get a real chance to get it properly running! ThinkTank will own 100% of the IP to their projects. 

If you'd like to read more details about the CAMP experience, check out our Program page

Would you like to join? Apply for CAMP! Applications close February 28. 

For all questions, contact Julien at apply@australiachina.org - or through WeChat at julien_melbourne.