What do CAMPers say about the benefits of CAMP?

We have interviewed a number of our CAMPers from 2015 to understand how they viewed the benefits of CAMP. If you are thinking about applying, or participating as a mentor or partner, then who is better to tell you about the benefits of CAMP than CAMPers themselves?

Meeting other CAMPers and developing relationships with peers who are passionate about the Australia-China relationship was overwhelmingly what CAMPers saw as the key benefit of CAMP. On CAMPers told us that they valued “Connections. I don’t know what it will lead to, but it will have some sort of a role in my life.” . Another said the most valuable thing was “Meeting many idealistic and creative young people” whilst a third told us that they valued “Becoming more strongly connected with other young people involved with Australia and China relations”

In fact, the benefit connecting with peers was mentioned without fail in our interviews.

But there were other benefits too. The development of cross-cultural skills was important, as one CAMPers told us “The one thing that really shocked me- I know the cultural conflicts between two cultures but I didn’t expect the cultural conflicts between the way that people think would be so different. The different perspectives on the same business plan that are so different. The arguments are quite different from a different point of view. Attending CAMP really emphasised or demonstrated what is truly the difficulties working cross-culturally between Australian and China.”

Others valued the opportunity to understand innovation and entrepreneurship. “It was an eye-opening experience. Before attending CAMP I was interested in innovation and start-ups but I didn’t understand the landscape, how the space works, how to seek opportunities, the key topics and the hot areas. Now I understand how people can work toward their dreams and create startup opportunities” This was a common theme.

Many saw the experience as an empowering, and told us that the training had changed the ways they understood their own abilities and opportunity. “For me I have grown in my confidence. I am more assertive. I have a really bright outlook about what is ahead. You just go out and find opportunities and do it. One thing leads to the next.”

If you would like to build your network, work on your cross-cultural skills, understand innovation and grow your leadership capacity, then there is still time to apply for CAMP 2.0. Applications have been extended until Sunday March 20th. You can apply here. Be sure to get your applications in!