What makes CAMP unique?

We have referred to the inaugural CAMP gathering as a world-first bilateral innovation incubator. But what exactly does this mean? One of the unique strengths of CAMP is the the focus on intercultural communication. A key focus of CAMP's bilateral engagement is our human-centred approach. While we do have business-to-business or government-to-government elements, people and relationships are the primary building block. We bring together young leaders from Australia and China, and provide them with an innovative learning environment which, we believe, enables the development of strong intercultural communication skills.

So how was this experienced by our CAMPers? Liu Yan, our Co-founder and Chief Curator, observed that “For most of our CAMPers in 2015, the experience was not the first time they have been connected with each others’ cultures. Many had studied, worked or travelled in the other country. Many came to CAMP with a reasonable degree of understanding of each others’ culture. But the majority had never had the experience of working closely with a different culture in an intensive way. CAMP provided an environment for intense collaboration. A pressure cooker experience. Working closely with a team to innovate and pitch a business or product idea within just a few days. Being forced to work with people who are very, very different from you. It really broadened the mindset of our CAMPers. You can’t get this experience as a traveller or student.”

If you think this sort of learning experience would be valuable for you, we invite you to apply for CAMP 2.0, the 2016 gathering of young Australian and Chinese innovators and emerging leaders. To take part in this intensive cultural learning experience, and have the opportunity to develop close interpersonal relationships with a group of your talented peers, apply here.

Applications close Sunday March 6th 2016.