Introducing our delegates: Yanqing Cai

You're probably wondering who's gonna be part of the CAMP experience. Lucky for you, we've already selected some delegates from Australia and China to be part of CAMP. Over the coming weeks, we'll introduce them to you through a series of posts on this blog. 

Today, we're starting with Yanqing Cai (Ah Cai), founder of BottleDream and Yi-Gather coworking community. One of the 100 Most Creative People in China, 2014. --<FastCompany> MCP100

What kind of person are you?

I'm the person that can not follow other's way but my heart. I love people and respect all the different attitudes or point of views about the world. I try to understand the world by exploring multiple cultures. I'm the person that looks calm and peace in the surface but passionate and energetic inside.

What are your top skill sets?

My top skill sets I would say it may be user experience design, although it's far from the TOP. I used to work for big cooperate like Tencent as an interaction designer for couple years and now for my own startup. I like observe the behaviors of people when they approaching a specific goal and try to improve the experience for them.

What attracts you to be apart of CAMP? 

CAMP is such an amazing program and I was excited about it when the first time I heard about it. The world is changing by the people who share the same value and have determined belief. It's very meaningful for the 200 talented young people from both countries to connect with each other, to learn and to collaborate. For my expectations, I wish I could know more about the young people from Australia, to understand their perspectives of the world and work with team to design the future solutions for the social challenges we're facing.

How do you think you can contribute to CAMP?

I can contribute the skill of my specialty which is user experience design and help the CAMP to make better experience for all the participants.

What project are you most proud of that demonstrates your passion?

One of the projects that I'm proud of is my documentary about Social Innovation. I quit my job and started my world trip in July 2012, and I travelled all the way from Asia to Europe, from Africa to North America, cover more than 20 countries, interviewing around 100 young changemakers in different places, aiming to inspire and encourage more Chinese young people to get involved to social changes.

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